365 days of writing prompts Jan.8 Teacher’s Pet

All my teachers had a real impact on me for the better. There was one teacher who always made me feel,I am capable of doing better.He was a very good influence on me and my work.

He followed my progress through my masters degree and education degree. He’d write to me and discourage me to teach in an elementary or high school. He thought I’d be better off teaching in a college.

His feeling was I had a very low voice. The kids wouldn’t be able to hear me. I didn’t think my voice was the issue. He thought I was over qualified to teach in an elementary or high school.

When I came to North America,I applied for a teaching job in an elementary school. I was interviewed by the principal of the school. He told me I was overqualified. They needed one with an under graduate degree with some teaching experience. It was then I realized what my Prof. was trying to tell me.

I stuck to my plan. I taught kids in grade four. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I was able to know how kids that age think and feel.

Looking back I know my Prof. wanted me to teach in a college. He was a very good influence and never shied away from telling me what  was good for me. I was and still am grateful to him for helping me build my confidence.


7 thoughts on “365 days of writing prompts Jan.8 Teacher’s Pet

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for sharing this. We all can grow by having a mentor. It’s a real blessing that there are folks like the man you described who help others.

    All good wishes,


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  3. It’s good you had some guidance, but still found your own way. I admire anyone who can teach anything below college level. Kids can be so difficult.

    My older son is in sixth grade and he had told me about a teacher he thought was “mean.” Well, he ended up doing an extracurricular activity led by this teacher. He commented that she seemed nicer there than she was in school. I explained to him that she was probably not mean at all, she was just tougher in school so the kids didn’t walk all over her 🙂

    • Teachers are mean when the children cannot have their way. At the end of the day the teachers are the ones who have to explain,
      why the kids failed in their test.We are blamed by the children if we are strict, and blamed by their parents if they
      We have a very funny proverb in our language,it loses its humor in translation. I’ll still attempt it. Someone once said,”if I do this I’m wrong, if I do that I’m wrong, tell me what can I do? Reply was, ‘you can do neither!’

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