DP Weekly writing challenge: Cliffhanger Shorola AKA Bitter Melon


Her name was Shorola( innocent). It was difficult to fit her personality with her name. She did everything her own way. It cannot be counted innocent.

When she went outdoors, the kids in the neighborhood would sing, “Shorola you are a Corolla”(bitter melon).

She didn’t like the name bitter melon. It would infuriate her so much she’d start cursing.  It didn’t help,  Things were getting worse for  Shorola. She complained to her mother, it didn’t do her any good. Her mother said, “now my dear you’ve got to change your attitude, smile when you see them, play with them, be friendly, it’s not that hard”.

One day she came out of the house with a bag full of candies she thought ,  “kids like them,I’ll give them some, I’d ask them if they’d play with me.”

The kids noticed Shorola had a whole bunch of candies,they hovered around her, she asked, “Want some?”  They were surprised to see her so friendly.

One of them asked, “will you really give us some.”

“Oh yes she said, take as many as you want.”

Tom, the bully snatched the bag from her and took off. Shorola was livid she was going to teach him a lesson. She started kicking everything around her. The kids started running away and  sang , “Shorola you’re a Corolla!”

I’m not a bitter melon she  cried.


To be continued!

23 thoughts on “DP Weekly writing challenge: Cliffhanger Shorola AKA Bitter Melon

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this story about Shorola. I look forward to its continuance, as I wish to see the next steps of Shorola.

    All good wishes,


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  3. thanks for sharing this story dear Ranu….
    love reading your posts…I just came back to real life now after an awesome break so taking my sweet time to catch up 🙂 Hope you had a good break dear.

    Happy New Year!


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