‘Classroom Outdoors for a Day’

“There was a loud crash in the hallway.”  The noise startled me. It was afternoon. I was waiting for my students to come in. I quickly got up to see. There he was the new janitor lost his balance while carrying the box of Children’s books,the box broke and the books lay scattered    all over in the hall. I saw him dash into the washroom. A heavy book fell on his foot. He was in pain.In his anger he kicked the pipe in the washroom and made a dent.

“Is anyone hurt ” I called out.

“No, Miss” was the answer.

I felt relieved. I came back to my classroom. I resumed my work.The janitors picked up the books and mopped the floor.

The buses arrived , an hour later.

The kids looked uninterested. I tried to cheer them up.

“Okay children let’s see how many of you spelled all the words right.”

“I know Mary and Henry,”  Matthew said.

“Well there are more than two rest of you need to study harder.”

The kids who had a few mistakes were happy. The teacher will not mention their name.

Everyone took out their spellers and opened them. We discussed some of the problems kids face when learning a new word. We were having a great conversation, suddenly we were interrupted by a knock.

I went to see who it was. I was surprised to see the custodian.

“Yes, what is it?”   I asked.

“It’s an emergency,one of the pipes in the washroom is leaking, the water is gushing out, the Principal wants  the teachers   to take the students out.

“Go out,is this the pipe, can it be the pipe  the janitor kicked?”

“Yes Miss,  everyone has to leave before the floors are flooded.”

This was unexpected, I didn’t know how I’ll keep the kids busy.

I was thinking.

Mary knew I was upset .

“Why don’t we go to the back garden to see if we  can  name  the flowers.”

“What a splendid idea, thank you Mary.” I said.

The kids named  the flowers . I noticed Henry stopped in front of one.It was obvious he didn’t recognize it. I  asked the kids,”does anyone know?   Mary raised her hand.

“Do you know it Mary?” I asked.

“Yes, Miss we have this flower in our garden,it’s Hibiscus”.

The kids were happy, Henry was stumped. I didn’t let them make fun of him.. I  told them, we must find out, if it’s safe to go back to our classroom.

Matthew volunteered to find out. He was in and out in a flash with the news.”‘Miss the principal wants us to stay outdoors,the floors are not dry yet.”

“All right children we have exactly one hour of school left. What would you like to do?”I asked.

Spelling Bee was the unanimous  choice.

I divided them into two groups of fifteen each. Henry and Mary were elected as  group leaders.

The competition was on. Mary’s team was slightly ahead. Henry’s team was two points behind. He was restless.He didn’t want to lose. Next few minutes was crucial. He breathed a sigh of relief when his team succeeded to even the score.

The final minutes were difficult for both. The word left to spell was, “HIBISCUS” .

The leaders volunteered to spell it. It was Henry’s turn, the large trophy and everyone watching him made him  nervous. He tried  to shake off the jittery feeling,he took a deep breath. He  spelled, “HIBISCES,”     there was a groan, his team was disappointed Henry let them down. Mary’s team will take the trophy they were certain.

I told them,  “Don’t worry you guys will win next time,it’s only a game,don’t be sad.

Mary came up spelled  the word easily, HIBISCUS, her team members jumped up and down , “We Won” they said.

Henry was sad , he sat still and lowered his head. He couldn’t understand how he made such a careless mistake.

“Cheer up Henry,it’s time to go home,get ready all of you.” I said.

It was three-thirty I sent them home. It was a hectic day we enjoyed the outdoor classroom.

I was certain I heard a voice whispering, “Did you notice the children loved studying outdoors?”   It was Tagore reminding me classrooms outdoors are better than ones indoors. “I agree  I said!”

DP Weekly Writing Challenge Shorola AKA Corolla Cliff Hanger Part 3

Shorola woke up. She was disappointed. The nice man did not appear in her dream. She didn’t dream at all. What does it mean? She wondered.

She must take out the three pouches under the mattress. She’d find her answer from them. “Where are my pouches,I put them here,where did they go?” She cried.

“Mom ,mom I can’t find my things,I put them under my mattress,who took them, Mom you have to find them, she cried!”

Mom came running. “What is it my child, what are you looking for?

“My things, my things, you have to find them.”

“What are they, tell me.”

“I’m not allowed to tell,oh what will I do?”  She screamed ,she kicked her legs violently.

It was so loud the mothers with their children  rushed to her house. They all said in one breath, “What’s wrong, why are you crying so loud?”

” My things are gone, I can’t find them.”

“Okay ,tell us what the things are, I’m sure we can find them, one mother said.”

‘But’, she hardly said the first word when a huge ugly monster appeared from nowhere.

“Let me guess it said, you’re not allowed to tell.”

“Who are you,how do you know?” She was trembling.

The size of the creature could make anyone shake.

“Now my little friend it said. I knew you’d mess it up. So I made the things disappear.”

“Why, who are you, I wanted to be happy, you ruined my chances, you are evil, I want you to go away.”

“Really are you sure you want your nice man to leave?” It said.

” You’re not a nice man. You’re hairy and scary.” She cried.

“So it’s final you want me to go ,you like your nickname Corolla, are you bitter,do you want the children to make fun of you?”

“How do you know all this Shorolla screamed, were you listening to our conversation?”

“I’ll tell you one more time I’m your nice man. I told you I’ll visit you once more. Did you forget?”

“How can I believe you, You look different. You don’t even look like a human.”

The neighbors were finding it interesting. They stayed around to see what will happen next.

“All right folks he said , close your eyes for a moment.”

They heard the house shake for a minute,then all was quiet.

There he was the “Nice Man” with his long beard, just the man Shorolla saw before!

She was overwhelmed. She couldn’t cry or laugh but froze. Her Mom shook her, she was so exhausted she couldn’t move but fell right where she stood.

What happened the next hour she didn’t know. When she woke up she found everyone busy. There were all sorts of food,beverage on the table. All eyes were fixed on her. She tried to get up but they told her to rest for a few more minutes.

When she got up, her mother invited everyone to share the food  and drinks. The kids were friendly and promised never to call her Corolla.

Shorola  lived up to her name. She transformed into an innocent girl whom everyone loved!!

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DP Daily Prompt: Heroic

When I was five years old,my father was my hero. He was the only person I thought was kind,helpful,never hesitated to buy things for me to make me happy.

Today my feeling has not changed . He passed away when I was very young .  I still feel his presence in my life. He taught me some valuable lessons. I remember them . One of the lessons was, “Never let anyone take advantage of you.” Those words always echo in my mind when I try to do something he  would not approve.


Jan.10th 365 days Flavors

It is believed artificial flavors are safer than natural. Artificial flavors undergo a lot of testing before they are considered safe for consumption.

We use salt or sugar to enhance the taste of some natural foods. There are fruits such as oranges or grapefruit that sometimes are too sour for us,some of us either sprinkle some sugar or salt to make it more palatable. Does it make it better. I’d say they suit our taste buds.

Meat and fish are foods that we cook.  They can be boiled,baked,fried or barbecued. Certain kind of meat tastes better if we refrain from spicing it too much. Roast beef tastes better with least amount of spices and some or no salt. It retains its natural flavor. I like the natural flavor better.

Baked fish ,especially Cod is not that tasty. We improve its taste by adding spices, oil, and other flavorants to improve its flavor. We like food that are tasty, and we think of ways to make it palatable.

I was thinking of the vegetable Spinach,whenever I mentioned the name my little students would make a face. They disliked it . The problem is Spinach is terrible when it is just boiled.  If only we add one small section of a garlic clove, a bit of salt and fry it with a  tablespoon of  oil in a sauce pan it completely changes the taste and makes it flavorful.

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