365 days Jan.13,2014-cleanslate

I fail to understand why I am shoved in this room. Let me see what is here. There is a bed. It’s a queen size bed. There is a desk on one side. There are a lot of books on it. There is a chair, it is misplaced. It belongs somewhere else. There is a large size dresser with mirror and some drawers.There is another cupboard type of thing . I have to find the right name for it.

Oh there are some grand portraits of the family. Mom and Dad are great looking ,so are the kids.

Here is a bathroom too. Wow ,pretty good I think. This is a nice looking family. I think I’d have a wonderful time here.

Not much else I see. So bye folks. I need  some time to relax!

DP Daily Prompt: Ripped from the headlines

The 2014 Australian open Grandslam tennis  tournament began yesterday. There are many players on men and women’s side  competing for the trophy ,cash and fame. It is the first grand slam tournament of year 2014. The site of the tournament is  Melbourne,Australia.

If you are a tennis fan,you think you know who has the best shot. The commentators have already picked the winner based on last year’s result. I listened to the predictions,I thought nothing in life is guaranteed.

The best players can have a bad day,which is possible and lose to someone whose ranking is one hundred or lower. I’m always afraid to say this one will win, I’d rather watch the tournament and hope my player is lucky. I believe luck plays a huge role.

The player needs to win seven matches to show off the much desired trophy. While we may think Oh seven my player will win hands down, but, I say, “It’s a long walk to the winner’s circle.”