365 days Prompt: Polite Company

I agree it’s not a good idea to discuss religion or politics I really don’t know. It might cause dissension with that person.

I don’t feel comfortable talking about any of the two subjects, unless the new person starts the topic. I’d still say as little as possible, or cleverly change the subject.


DP Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation

A few months ago I was fortunate to know her. She was positive. She wrote my translations of Tagore’s poems and songs were good. She was fortunate to understand some of the poems and songs written by him.

I was going through a period when I felt I wasn’t getting enough readers and that I was wasting my time. ¬†She encouraged me and told me to read other blogs, to make myself known to different bloggers. I do that nowadays. I am thankful to her,she was genuinely interested.

There are other bloggers who regularly visit and leave their comment. I am grateful to them too.

I’d like to thank them for reading my posts . It is encouraging to read their comments.