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My attempt to learn French did not come easily. Actually the grammar was  lot more difficult. When to use ‘la’ or’ le’ in front of an object was confusing. It seemed I needed a lot more practice . I always wondered why some are ,’la table’ and some ,’le tableau’ there’s only a difference of few letters.

I struggled with them for a while, just when I thought I know how it works. I had to stop and concentrate on other things in life, like cooking,cleaning and taking care of my family.

Maybe I’ll start all over again. I have more time now.

A Day in the Life of a Tennis Racket

Wow I am tired today. My owner Roger Federer played the third round of Australian Open Grand slam Tennis tournament. Wow he was hitting hard, I felt the blows right on my string. You think he’d slow down just a tiny bit to help me gather my senses. But oh know he was tearing apart his opponent. What was his name again? Let me gather my thoughts,Oh yes, “Teymuraz Gabashvilli”, woh I had a hard time repeating his name,it’s a whole mouthful.

I feel great I helped him to win in straight sets, it was : 6/2  6/2  and 6/3. You’d think he had to get a flight out but, I reminded him Roger, “In a grand Slam you need to win seven matches to win the trophy.”

Now back to the practice court I go to help win the next one. Guys pray for me I have to endure the blows. I’d like to think my owner Roger has a chance if he plays one match at a time. He need not think of his opponents like Nadal or Murray.

I am happy he did not have to play more than three sets today, or I’d still be in pain. I have to be ready for the fourth match. Sometimes I wonder why did I choose to be tennis racket. You can hardly imagine how difficult it is to keep my owner happy!

DP Daily Prompt: Luckiest People

pad2014.png (388×120)

It is Saturday morning where I live. The day is gloomy. We may have rain or snow. who knows which.

The first person I saw is my daughter. She is friendly. She likes to help people. She has a lot of friends. They are very fond of her. She is a Computer Programmer.  Her favorite pastime is drawing. She also takes part in plays.

She loves to cook and bake. Her skill in cake decorating is excellent.

For Halloween she made a costume, she was going to dress up as Mereda.  She spent a lot of time making the costume.