DP Challenge Weekly Writing Challenge: Staring Off Into Space

Whenever there are moments I have the leisure of sitting down, I think about me. What I have accomplished.What I missed. The people I’ve met, sincere and not. My life as a whole.

I studied as much as I could given the resources I had. There was one degree I wanted to get. Some how it didn’t happen. I had all the prerequisites needed to get in,I was even selected three times. Each time there was a different reason.

When I first received a letter of acceptance for the M.Ed. course I was excited. I had taken a teaching job only few months ago. I thought no problem ,I’d resign, unfortunately my resignation was not accepted. I was in my early twenties, I thought I’ll try next year.The following year I applied and was accepted,this time I couldn’t go because I received a scholarship to study in London. I was waiting for this miracle to happen. I postponed studying M.Ed. for next year.

I was again selected to study the third time, but missed it. I was married. I couldn’t try any more . I moved out of the country to join my husband.

When I think about how many times I tried and how the circumstances were never in my favor, I take solace in thinking maybe I was never meant to do that course.

I consider myself lucky for getting the chance to go for higher studies and come out successful.


33 thoughts on “DP Challenge Weekly Writing Challenge: Staring Off Into Space

  1. It all reads like a very inspirational life path, the positivity that your expression always convey is the most remarkable thing in your approach towards life. I personally take all this as valuable advise.

    • Thank you very much.I was disappointed because I was selected three times,each time there was a hurdle
      I could not cross. Like the fox I said these grapes are sour.What else could I tell myself. Having said that
      I know the comparison is not really right. The fox couldn’t reach the grapes I on the other hand had it within
      my reach but still could not grab it.Then I told myself I wasn’t supposed to get that elusive degree.
      I must admit one thing,the knowledge I gained from the online course of Iqbal Academy is something I always treasure.
      Thank you Akhtar Bhai for your wonderful comment.

  2. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for sharing this. Your prior successes are visible here in your blog writing. Keep up the great work.

    All good wishes,


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