DP Daily Prompt: Nice Is as Nice Does

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To me it was the nicest thing I’ve ever done. To others it might not be the case. Still I thought I did something nice back when I was studying  in the university.

We were three female students in our class, rest of them were male. Two hundred fifty were male and only three of us were female. I thought if I could help my two female classmates complete the assignment given to us, it would be the nicest thing I could do for them.

My classmates were having trouble with the assignment. They didn’t know how to do it. Being a nice person like I was, I let them look at mine. Was I thinking they’d copy my work word for word, no I didn’t? That’s exactly what they did!

We handed in our assignment. The Prof. read our assignment and then without missing a beat he barked, “Who copied whom?”

I thought it was the nicest thing I ever did. The Prof.’s looks clearly indicated it wasn’t the nicest thing. So I leave it up to my readers to make the final decision!

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    • I am happy to know you found it. My brother once showed me a book,on the cover it said, “Seek and you shall find.”
      I was only in the elementary grade. He wanted to find out if I understood the meaning. I remember I said, “Look for it and you’ll
      find it.” Of course I replied in Bengali. He looked at me and smiled.

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