365 days of writing prompts day 24: Ready,set,go

I woke up this morning,finished my prayer. I wondered what I should do next.I decided to do thirty minutes of biking on my stationary bike. I was pleased I was able to make myself do this morning exercise.

I then prepared breakfast and ate it . It was okay,I couldn’t decide what I wanted different .I couldn’t think of anything so had the usual oatmeal. It’s pretty good.

I came to my room and started my computer. The daily prompt for today made me think .How will I write a blurb when I did not attempt to write a novel. I did not give up. I wrote and published a line.

It doesn’t sound awesome, it was my first attempt. I hope I’m forgiven by my readers.

Now I’m writing for ten minutes for 365 days prompt. I can tell you this much it’s not an easy task for me. Yesterday I had to write shipwrecked. Maybe tomorrow it will be something easier.Let’s hope.

I am almost finished the ten minutes. I don’t know what I wrote in a hurry. Forgive my mistakes please will you?

https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/01/24/365-days-jan 24th- ready,set,go/

DP Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm)

This is something I’ve never done or even thought about it. Like everything else I will try this as well.

How will I write a blurb. I am not yet experienced enough to write a book. I have written some short stories. I’ll have to imagine one of those is a novel I have written and published. How do I make my blurb attractive enough, to make the readers instantly buy the book.

My blurb will be, “It’s the story of a child who learns to transform his life.”

I’ve taken the idea from one of the short stories  I’ve written.