DP Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm)

This is something I’ve never done or even thought about it. Like everything else I will try this as well.

How will I write a blurb. I am not yet experienced enough to write a book. I have written some short stories. I’ll have to imagine one of those is a novel I have written and published. How do I make my blurb attractive enough, to make the readers instantly buy the book.

My blurb will be, “It’s the story of a child who learns to transform his life.”

I’ve taken the idea from one of the short stories  I’ve written.


38 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm)

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  16. Is it so important that someone read or that you write the story that is written inside you. I wrote a little book for children a number of years ago. It will never be a NY Times Best Seller. Yet that book has been around the globe and maybe this year written in a fourth language.

    • I write the story when I’m given a prompt.I sometimes read the prompt and decide I’d write the story.
      I just write to see what comes up. I’m unable to write on paper and then post it. I sit in front of the computer
      and type whatever comes to mind at that particular moment. I know it is a competition but I write to gain some experience.
      I do not expect anyone to vote for me. They don’t know me,besides most of them have a bunch of followers who vote for them.
      I never ask anyone I know to vote for me. They read my stories and write their comment. I’m okay with that.

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