DP Daily Prompt: Write Here, Write Now

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I am trying to write this post in the  present tense. When I am restricted to write a certain way. I feel trapped. Let me see if this will work out for me.

I am sitting in front of my computer. I’m trying to think what I can write. I know . I see my books are lying helter -skelter. They are earnestly begging me to tidy them up. I’m telling them, “right now I’m doing something  else so leave me alone fussy books.”  They are making so much noise my eardrums will explode.

I am going to the kitchen to see if I can get something to eat. Look at my fridge,isn’t it pathetic there is nothing I see here I can eat.

I am going to my living room to watch TV. I’m turning it on, “jeepers there is nothing good.”  They are saying it can start snowing any minute. I don’t want to know about snow.

I am going back to my room.  Hey I am reading this book about, publishing a novel in nine months. I’m not sure I can write one in nine years. It’s only me and I am incapable of doing anything good.

Here’s a question for you my friends,”Can you write a novel in nine months?”

“Yes we can they are saying.”

I’m so disappointed I’m the only who cannot .

Goodbye my Friends. Todays prompt is not easy!!


28 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: Write Here, Write Now

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  3. I can read in your lines how tough this felt for you. One suggestion: try to write in present tense verbs instead of gerunds. EG “I walk to the kitchen, I open the fridge door. Nothing appeals.” rather than ‘walking … opening …’ See if it feels different – maybe not more comfortable, but different anyway! And thanks for taking the time to write this. That’s why it’s called a challenge – because it’s not easy!!!

    • Thank you very much for your suggestion. I was stuck,I waited for the prompt and when I read,it should be in present tense,
      I lost my thought process. It really was a challenge.
      I am so glad to hear from you.

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