Writing Prompt: Burning down the House http://wordpress.com/2014/01/30/365-days-jan 30th-burning down the house/

First of all I hope my house does not burn down. If unfortunately such a thing happens,the five things I’d grab are: 1. My Holy Quran

2. My glasses if I’m not already wearing them

3. My family photo

4. My medicine

5. Last but not least important, My handbag

These are the most important things for me.

DP Daily Prompt: Generation XYZ

I’ve chosen older. I’m not quite sure of the younger generation.

What I understood least about them was how selfless they were. I watched my Mom giving up her happiness for the sake of her siblings. I thought she did too much. I didn’t think she was appreciated. She said,”I’m not doing it for myself. Not for any kind of return. I like doing it. If it makes me happy,I’d keep on helping them until,they are self-sufficient.” ¬†When they didn’t need her anymore, they’d stay away and would forget to keep in touch. I felt my aunts and uncles were selfish and my Mom should not help them.

My Dad’s half brother helped him when he was in school. Dad thought he should repay by helping his son,which he did.

They were honest and caring. They didn’t mind sharing with their siblings.

When I look back and think, I feel this was the most important thing I learned from them. I help my siblings when I can. I find even if they don’t need it they expect me to help. What I do not like is they never appreciate what I’ve done. They are ready to criticize when I stop helping them.

I think my parents generation were better than us,they were not selfish. They never complained about their siblings like we do.