DP Daily Prompt: The sincerest form of flattery

My answer to this is I’d write a post about an author in my style,even if it sounds too plain. I thought about favorite authors,I am not feeling the urge to use their technique. I wish to use mine to see what I can come up with.

I consider Tagore my favorite author more than any one else,yet I am not sure I’d like to adopt his style to write a post. I feel better choosing an author  I know personally,  who has a lot of potential.

I have learned lot more from him than even Tagore or Iqbal or Shakespeare. Flattery when it’s sincere goes a long way to help anyone. It’s all about helping a fellow human being to reach their  potential.

One of the distinctive feature of this individual is, he is very smart but humble. It’s good to be humble,but taken too far it might work against oneself. While I like to adopt some of the characteristics,I have reservation about being too humble.

I consider humility  a plus point if it doesn’t interfere with my work. Sometimes I may portray myself as a pushover if I am too humble.

I’ll conclude by saying,I’d like to be nice,generous,humble as long as people do not take advantage of me.

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Writing Prompt: Writing Room

I do not have a writing room. I use my bedroom to write and read.

When the good Genie approved my desire to have a room,which I can use only for reading and writing I was very happy. My room is all set for me to use. Oh I’m sorry you want to know what it looks like.

Here is the description of my amazing room. It is shaped like a square. There is a large window on each wall. I get plenty of light from the windows. The walls are painted beige. It doesn’t have curtains. It has blinds.

My writing desk occupies one wall. It’s an attractive mahogany desk. there are drawers on two sides,to put my writing books and pens. I have a calendar on the right side.

The next wall has a bookshelf. I have arranged the books in alphabetical order. I have filled the shelf with my books. I might run out of space if I buy more books. I have a clock on this wall. It saves me time,rather than look at my wrist watch, every few seconds. The wall clock has a chimer,it chimes every half hour. It gives me enough time to get ready for the next task.

The third wall has a comfortable recliner. I use it to relax and check my mail if there is any. Also when I am tired of writing, I pick up my favorite book to read.

My fourth wall is not used up yet. I might put something or leave it empty.

The above is a description of my Genie room.

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