Lillie McFerrin Writes

I had three cats,when I saw them first,I wasn’t sure I’d like them ,I told my daughter to take them back. Then the most amazing thing happened I started watching them, they are cute I thought, I want to keep them.

I kept JD ,Thursday and Alex, each morning JD would first meow and jump on my chest and look at me , it was as if she was saying,”Get up Missus I’m hungry,” I’d get up and feed all of them my husband would laugh and look at me.

We had them for fifteen years, JD developed cancer, I was so sorry, she would sit and look at me, she stopped eating, my husband would go and talk to her,she’d look at him and drop her head on the pillow.

Then the dreaded day came when JD was not moving, we brought her to our living room, at 6 P.M JD meowed softly and all was quiet, I cannot explain how painful it was to watch her completely still!

8 thoughts on “Ache

  1. I know the feeling. I’ve had animals all my life. My little lady rabbit was 8 years old when I found her unmoving in her hutch, which sat on a table near the window in the dining area. I knew she was gone, because she was under one of the shelves in the hutch and her feet were sticking out. She never would have slept with her feet sticking out. She had a long life and died peacefully.
    The same thing could not be said for my father, who died two weeks before my bunny did. He had a long period of suffering and decline before he passed.

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