DP Daily Prompt: Good fences?

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I have some awesome neighbors. One we are very close to is an English Prof. We always hang out with each other. Christmas time she cooks and we have dinner together. Once I volunteered to cook the Turkey for Christmas dinner,she wouldn’t let me. She knows we don’t celebrate Christmas.

Whenever my daughter bakes I always remind her, aren’t you going to bake one for her. My daughter smiles and says.”yes Mom this is why I’m baking two.

She loves chocolate,when I go to the store and see something good I’d buy for her.

We got to know each other when she she bought the house across the street from us. On snow days when my daughter goes out to shovel , my neighbor would come out to give her a hand. We are blessed to have a neighbor like her.


32 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: Good fences?

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