Lillie McFerrin Writes

Jamie got ready,picked up his bag to go to the gym, he  missed a lot of time due to sickness ,it was important to go back to his daily routine of fitness exercises, after all he only had three months left to participate in the Boston Marathon.

He knew his coach would discourage him to join with the rest of his friends, he felt a few days of sickness should not be a deterrent, he was fine and confident,the time he lost without practice ,would be easy to make up.

On his way to the gym he met his friend Isaac, he  looked bright and healthy, there was a slight discomfort in Jamie’s mind, would he be able to make it, he brushed off the negative thought and walked with his friend, he was happy to meet Isaac who was an optimist.

On the way they discussed the race, how many of their friends were going, were they able to train properly, where will they stay, it was settled the coach had made arrangements to stay in a hotel nearby Isaac told him.

The day of the marathon ,Jamie was extremely nervous, his parents came to cheer him on,nothing seemed right, he was never nervous before, what was going on he asked himself, another friend Tom came to wish him luck , Jamie could not gather enough courage to tell Tom he may not be able to finish the race!

Writing Prompt: Shoulda,Woulda, Coulda

This prompt will highlight how lazy I am, well this is what I shoulda done yesterday. Combed my hair,called a great friend, went for a walk in the woods and got plenty of exercise, written an awesome story to wow all my blogger friends, watched the Olympics to know how many medals my Canadian friends grabbed, and last but not least paid a visit to our two faithful felines : Babble and Nelson.

I did not do any of these things I listed, mainly because my hair did not need to be combed. My good friend lives in a different city,it is expensive to call long distance.

Walking for exercise in minus seventeen degree Celsius, is not a thing I can do.

Awesome story was something I could not write because my brain refused to co-operate. When that happens you know you would be lucky if you remember your name.

Watching Olympics was a problem, they were not showing my Canadian friends.

Last ones on the list are Babble and Nelson; the two felines, they were already missing their friend owner, were not pleased to see someone else feeding them and cleaning their litter. They have finally adjusted to seeing one stranger, to see two at one time would be downright cruel, don’t ya think.

You might wonder who names a cat ,”Babble” well according to the owner he talks too much he thought Babble would be a perfect name for his feline friend, the name Nelson was an easy one for the second one,  there was news of Nelson Mandela’s death,the owner is a big fan of the prominent man, so he named his little kitten “Nelson”. Good idea I thought now he cannot forget his idol’s name.

So this was why I could not do the “Shoulda,Woulda,Coulda. You know what I mean! 13- Shoulda,Woulda,Coulda/

DP Daily Prompt: Lucky Star

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

Today is my lucky day. I get three wishes, granted to me by, ‘The Daily Post’.

What are my three wishes, let me think, The Daily Post, will grant me my three wishes. I’m ecstatic, so much  I can’t even think, I will calm down and think.

My first wish is I miss having Wikipedia . I had fun using their pictures. Those pictures helped to make my post attractive, can we have it again. You wanted me to write about my three wishes and it will be granted.

My second wish is to get more time for writing challenge. One week is not enough for me, can we have a fortnight instead? It really will help.

Third wish is ,can we have badges for 365 days,if it sounds too many,can we just have one badge?

These are my three wishes,if they are granted I’ll be grateful.