Writing Prompt: Cupid’s Arrow

The cupid’s arrow flew by

It struck my feline oh my!

Don’t meow my darling

I’d say

This is what happens

on this day!

Be good and enjoy

the love my dear

The day will come again

next year!

Nelson listen to me

My precious  feline

I have your favorite food

To enjoy and dine!!

https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/02/14/365-days-feb 14th-cupid’s arrow/

DP Daily Prompt: It’s Feb. 14 Friday, I’m In Love!

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

Sorry to disappoint you guys, I’m not in Love. I Love the Day because everyone is celebrating it. Young and old, men ,women and children exchanging cards, giving each other candies. It simply is a joyous occasion,it seems Christmas is back.

We are baby sitting two gorgeous felines. They are Babble and Nelson. I love Nelson ,he is so quiet. He is probably saying,”Who are you, no I don’t love you, I love my owner?”

I’m saying that’s okay, “I still love you.”

Animals or pets are so beautiful, they love us unconditionally,all they want is a bit of food and clean litter. They are happy and contented. They won’t love me for material things or how much money will I leave for them.They are not selfish. They are plain innocent.

This is my thought for this joyous day. I wish everyone who reads this a very happy,Valentine’s Day!