DP Daily Prompt: It’s Feb. 14 Friday, I’m In Love!

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Sorry to disappoint you guys, I’m not in Love. I Love the Day because everyone is celebrating it. Young and old, men ,women and children exchanging cards, giving each other candies. It simply is a joyous occasion,it seems Christmas is back.

We are baby sitting two gorgeous felines. They are Babble and Nelson. I love Nelson ,he is so quiet. He is probably saying,”Who are you, no I don’t love you, I love my owner?”

I’m saying that’s okay, “I still love you.”

Animals or pets are so beautiful, they love us unconditionally,all they want is a bit of food and clean litter. They are happy and contented. They won’t love me for material things or how much money will I leave for them.They are not selfish. They are plain innocent.

This is my thought for this joyous day. I wish everyone who reads this a very happy,Valentine’s Day!


25 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: It’s Feb. 14 Friday, I’m In Love!

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  2. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this post. It reminds one of how a dog exhibits qualities worth emulating, such as how she sits uninterruptedly beside her owner, following him wherever he goes, with such dedicated loyalty.

    All good wishes,


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