Writing Prompt: Cupid’s Arrow

The cupid’s arrow flew by

It struck my feline oh my!

Don’t meow my darling

I’d say

This is what happens

on this day!

Be good and enjoy

the love my dear

The day will come again

next year!

Nelson listen to me

My precious  feline

I have your favorite food

To enjoy and dine!!

https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/02/14/365-days-feb 14th-cupid’s arrow/

10 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Cupid’s Arrow

  1. Hi Ranu,

    Sorry my internet connection was acting up and it has been difficult for me to leave comments. It is a wonderful thing to challenge yourself more so to try out something you have never done before. It is a lovely poem and you have done very well! Best wishes for more poetry & different types of writing 🙂

    • Yes you are a true friend. I love reading and reciting poetry but I stay away from writing it.
      I leave it to you talented people.Nice hearing from you. Thanks.

  2. As someone who has translated so many immortal poems of Tagore, we should not be surprised that writing poetry came easy to you when you tried your hand at it :-). Nice, and light, and interesting to read.

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