DP Daily Prompt: West End Girls

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I lived in a big city until I was twelve. I only saw girls in my school. There was a distinct difference between rich and poor. We had uniforms so the rich girls and boys had to conform.

The difference I saw then was their mode of transportation, while we rode the school bus , they came in fancy cars. Even at that young age they were conscious of their parent’s position.

We all spoke English, as it was a school where the medium of instruction was English. The teachers were nuns. I was one who observed the way the rich spoke English. Their style was unique you’d think they landed in our premises in some kind of golden chariots, and were literally afraid to interact with us. I was amused to watch them,I felt like telling them ,”Hey all you prince and princesses why don’t you go somewhere where there are more snobs like you.”

That was until I was twelve years old. After twelve the scenery changed drastically. We were in a small town. Everyone was normal. There was none of that look, “I’m better than you.”

Our aim was to see who gets better marks. No one was concerned about our attire. We all dressed in ordinary clothes. There may have been some rich kids but I couldn’t see any difference.

We tried to dress up to attend a wedding or a party, which was according to our means. Occasionally we met some women comparing their jewelry with the woman sitting next to her. That was no big deal.

I must say I felt right at home with the small town kids. They were innocent,well-behaved and used their time studying.


Writing Prompt: Far From Normal

I lead a normal life I think.

These are the six things about me,whether they are unique,exciting,or just plain odd things I’ll leave it to you to decide.

1. I can only watch my favorite sports if my favorite team is playing.

2. I am superstitious.

3. I love talking to my pets whether they understand me or not.

4. I have a weakness for spicy food.

5. I enjoy spending time writing the daily prompts.

6. I  wait patiently to read Bronx Boy’s post. I learn a lot from it. It is also entertaining.

The above are the six things about me.

Here’s Nelson.