DP Daily Prompt: Never Gonna Give Up

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We all have bad habits galore, we watch too much TV,we waste our time doing nothing,we gossip, we love sweets, we smoke.

Some of the habits are hard to change but others need to change such as smoking. Smoking is a number one killer,it endangers one’s health. It’s a sheer waste of money because it only contributes to ill-health. Lung cancer is believed to be the end result of smoking. When we didn’t know enough of it we felt well there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s a habit they cannot break out of.

Since it’s been out second hand smoking is worse. I am not too happy about getting sick because of someone else’ s addiction.


DP Challenge Weekly Writing Challenge: The Sound Of Silence

She sat in a corner of her room. Her face had no expression, yet it seemed she was deep in meditation. I sat next to her thinking she might tell me why she was so quiet, I wanted to ask her if she needed anything, she looked at me held my hand and gave me a kiss. I was afraid something bothered her but she wasn’t going to tell what it was. I never saw anyone look  so calm.

I wondered why I was so anxious to know what was going on perhaps there was nothing to tell. She was enjoying her quiet moment. Then my thought told me a different story.  Some of her siblings turned against her. She never knew what she’d done for them to treat her that way.

Rather than argue with them she decided to stay silent and keep to herself and think of things that were pleasant once upon a time. Yes I believe sometimes silence gives you piece of mind which is hard to get when you are discussing it with someone who can make things worse than better.

No wonder they say,”Silence is Golden!”


Writing Prompt: Nightmares

I dreamed something which to me did not feel like a nightmare. It was one in which I saw my brother who had passed away, It seemed he came in my dream to set things straight.

I revealed my dream to my siblings concerned, who brushed it off as something I made up. To believe me would go against their interest. They decided to ignore it.