Tagore song-lyrics and translation by Tagore posted by Ranu

This world of happiness

This world of well-being

Grace it with your presence

You who are the ultimate truth

You who are the ever beauteous

Your majesty manifests

Across the vast firmament

Like an anklet studded with

Precious stones and Prized jewels

Lies the cosmos at Your feet

The sun moon stars and planets

With eagerly anxious haste

Bask in your iridescence

Soak Your boundless radiance

Cascades of Your soft sweet grace

Gush forth and deluge the earth

In a kaleidoscope of

Flowers and leaves,songs and sonnets

Life flows on ever anew

Your compassion caressing

Our lives from cradle to grave

Love,affection and mercy

Piety,hope,faith untold

Mellow and soften our souls

A downpour of sweet solace

You rain to pacify pain

What festivities and joy

Reign forever in Your realm

The world sings Your glory great

In fearless refuge at Your feet

You who are our treasure and wealth

You who enclose all of this earth

DP Daily Prompt: Talking in Your Sleep

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I had the unfortunate experience of overhearing my two older brothers and my older sister, since the conversation was about me I wanted to know what was irking them.

I was in the next room and they were not exactly talking softly to keep me from hearing them. My older sister deliberately spoke in her loudest voice, that I was in the city because I did not want to go to school. She totally ignored the fact that Mom sent me there to take care of the brother who was sick.

How did the conversation make me feel? I was livid, I packed my bag and went home.


Writing Prompt: Perspective

I had a heated argument with one of my friends a short time ago. She thought I was too emotional, I must think about my decision before I take any action.

This reminds me of a few lines of poetry written in my language i.e., Bengali by a poet : this is what he wrote,” A happy and contented mind,cannot ever understand a person whose circumstances are different. Until you face the same predicament,you will never understand the pain I am going through.(translation by me).

I am not sure she understood, she stayed away from discussing it.

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