Dp Daily Prompt: If You Leave

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I moved from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Montreal Canada. I moved again from Montreal Canada to Gander Canada. Finally I moved from Gander to St.John’s, Canada.

We did consider moving to the mainland it did not work out so we had to give up the idea.

There were a lot of factors against moving,selling our house was one, buying a place where we intended to move,the distance from our new home to the hospital,in case of an emergency was important for us to consider.

In the end the distance was a major deterrent, therefore we settled against moving. We are happy where we are,everything is close to our home.


Writing Prompt: Erasure

While I understand that my past was not so bad, I still think of the time we left Montreal for two years which turned out to be forever.I shouldn’t have encouraged my husband to leave the place. We thought we’d be back but circumstances were not favorable.what do I think when I look back, that probably it was not wise for us to move out.

I’d like to erase that decision because if I were still in Montreal, I’d be in constant contact with friends I met. Now I talk to them on the phone once or twice a month.

I wouldn’t have trouble visiting places like we do now. We are on an island and the  weather is a deterrent. Everything is expensive. The winters are long and harsh.Summer is short,we do not have the privilege of planting vegetables we like. These are some of the disadvantages.

We cannot have everything we’d  like, I  know that.