Dp Daily Prompt: If You Leave

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I moved from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Montreal Canada. I moved again from Montreal Canada to Gander Canada. Finally I moved from Gander to St.John’s, Canada.

We did consider moving to the mainland it did not work out so we had to give up the idea.

There were a lot of factors against moving,selling our house was one, buying a place where we intended to move,the distance from our new home to the hospital,in case of an emergency was important for us to consider.

In the end the distance was a major deterrent, therefore we settled against moving. We are happy where we are,everything is close to our home.


34 thoughts on “Dp Daily Prompt: If You Leave

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for sharing this. I have moved many times. There seems to be purpose in moving about. And then there is also a purpose is settling.

    All good wishes,


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