Writing Prompt: It’s Too Late Doctor

Far away in a town of two hundred people there lived a mother and son,   they were living a comfortable life, the mother was a seamstress, whatever she earned was enough to take care of herself  and her son Jared.

Jared was two years old when his father went on a hunting expedition. He went for a week, but a week later there was no sign of him. After a month long wait the mother gave up hope. She knew she had to find something to do to feed herself and her little boy.

The opportunity came in the right moment, a young woman needed to get a gown stitched for a very important occasion. She was going to be married in a month’s time, she couldn’t find anyone who would sew it for her. She sent her friends and family door to door if there was someone in town available who could stitch for her.

Her people were tired of knocking doors and promised they’ll try one more and give up if they didn’t find the right person. Fate was smiling at both the young lady and Jared’s mother. Jared’s mother Poppy was the last person whose door was knocked.

Poppy was a delightful and charming woman, she welcomed the people in her house. They told her what they were looking for Poppy was happy to oblige. There was one problem, she did not have a sewing machine.

A sewing machine was purchased by the young woman and had it delivered to Poppy’s house.  Poppy started sewing , she had a week to do the job. She stitched the gown on time for the wedding. The young woman gave the machine to Poppy. Poppy was ecstatic, she would be able to earn money by sewing.

Jared and his mother were doing well,they were happy and contented. Jared was playing outdoors one day, he heard someone calling him,he turned around and saw an old man smiling and calling him. His mother always cautioned him to stay away from strangers. Something about the old man made him curious, he walked towards him and asked, “What do you want, and how do you know my name?”

“I live in that small hut nearby, I always hear your mother calling you, this is how I know your name, ” said the man.

What do you want,Jared asked?

I want to show you something if you come with me to my hut, the man said.

Jared was confused he knew his mother cautioned him about strangers, but the man in front of him looked kind, he wouldn’t hurt him is what he thought.

I’ll go with you for a few minutes Jared said. The man agreed, they started walking, it seemed his house wasn’t nearby but a long way away. Jared wanted to turn around and go home but he couldn’t remember which way to go, reluctantly he continued on this never ending journey.

He noticed the road where they turned was long and narrow ,the man told him his hut was a few feet away. The hut before him was shabby, the roof was tilted on one side, there was a  broken door, it had no windows. Behind the broken door,he heard a faint cry, Jared was scared, he still tried to be calm. The man took him in and showed a little cot where lay a tiny infant.

“You see this is my little baby, her mother left me now I have to take care of her. I brought you here to help me.”

I am only a little boy, how can I take care of her, Jared replied.

I’ll teach you do not worry the man said. It took Jared long a time to realize that a nice face does not necessarily mean a nice person.

Everyday he thought of running away but he was unsuccessful. Luckily the man went out to run some errands, Jared took this opportunity to escape.

He kept running and crying for someone to save him. Luckily one of his mother’s friend spotted him. She took him home. Poppy was begging everyone to find her son. When she saw her son after such a long time, she collapsed on the floor. The townspeople were frantic they looked for a doctor to save their wonderful seamstress.

They found one after many hours, the woman who volunteered to take care of Poppy, while the citizens were busy looking for a doctor, came forward when the announcement of finding the doctor was made.

She looked at him and said,”It’s Too Late Doctor.”

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DP Daily Prompt: Something So Strong

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My best friend Mini was born and raised in Kolkata. She completed her undergraduate degree from kolkata university. Her parents sent her to Dhaka,Bangladesh for further studies. She took admission in Dhaka university to study M.A in History. She dropped a year because she felt she was not ready to do her exam. She registered again hoping to do better.

Fresh from completing my under graduate degree I registered in Dhaka university to study History. This is where I met her. She came from a wealthy family, which is why I kept my distance. I had a preconceived notion that rich young people are too conceited to make friends with ones who are not as wealthy as them. I kept that firm belief and was not eager to extend my hand in friendship.

I was in my own world studying, going to the library taking notes, coming back in the residence to read my notes. Mini never showed any enthusiasm to study. She was my classmate,I was happy to leave it at that.

One day out of the blue moon she asked me if she could go to the library with me. I agreed ,she came along with me, I did what I always do, took out some of the books to read and write my notes. I opened one of my books, she stopped me in the middle,she said she had something to discuss with me.

I was curious, I stopped and asked her to go ahead. The words that came out of her mouth surprised me. She said she and my other classmate were talking about me, she said, “Why is this girl so proud, who does she think she is?”

In reply I said,”What made you think I am conceited?”

She came to this conclusion because I hardly spoke. “I am always  quiet in the middle of strangers, I am shy and most of the time I have nothing to say.”

I don’t know if this information about me was enough for her to know I am quiet if I don’t know a person.

As the days and months were passing by we talked more to each other and became friends. She finally told me why she chose to stay in the residence.

She fell in love with a Prof.in the university, her older sister was not supportive, mainly because the guy was not trustworthy. Mini moved out of her sister’s house to the residence so she could see the Prof. Here she was uncomfortable knowing some of the girls open other students’ mail. She asked me if that were the case. I had no idea I hardly got any mail except when my brother sent me my tuition fees.

Mini was concerned, I asked her was there anyone she knew where her mail would come could be delivered, she said she had a friend whose younger sister was a student in the university. It worked out fine.

Mini became my best friend, she took me to her sisters’ homes, her family knew me and liked me. I went to study B.ed., in a different university, while I was away her relationship with the  Prof. ended. She was miserable for a while.

She found a very nice man, whom she  married. I attended her wedding. She was very helpful to me she always sent her driver to pick me up if I needed to go somewhere.

Although we do not write to each other, we continue to be good friends. Yes our friendship is solid,we understand each other and will stay that way no matter how far away we live from each other!