DP Daily Prompt: Pour Some Sugar on Me

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Sugar is great, had I not known how it  stealthily comes to make me eat it and then does all the evil things to me. Can I make a list,why I think so?

Sugar ruins my teeth, it causes my blood sugar to rise, it makes me gain weight, so I cannot really befriend sugar. As tempting as it is I have to think about my health before I give in to a slice of cheesecake or chocolate coated cashews.

When I was young I did not like sweets,I was always in favor of eating spicy nuts,sour berries, tamarind coated with cayenne and simply green chillies with my rice.

I’d get vicious stomach ache  after a week, I’d promise myself and my family I’d never touch the hot stuff.

Addiction tied me down, I couldn’t eat anything without some green chillies, the cycle continued hot chillies tummy ache and my promise to stay away from the hot stuff.

Then I entered into the land of matrimony, my husband loved sweets he’d always ask what’s for dessert,while eating supper. I’d try to keep him away from sweets but could never succeed. I started eating little at a time and discovered this stuff is not so bad. I was liking it more and more. Instead of giving up spicy food I added another thing which was equally bad for me.

Now I wonder who is responsible for my bad habits,I’d say Mom introduced me to spicy foods and my husband for eating sweets.

You want to know  what is my favorite dessert or what is my favorite salty snack. I’d say none of them. They are bad for me.


28 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: Pour Some Sugar on Me

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  5. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this sweet post. I like sweets. I probably eat too many.

    My wife works in a dentist office. She tells me often of the harm they see to teeth which are over-exposed to sugar. She tells me this while I’m eating sweets :-).

    All good wishes,


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  11. I like sweets a little too much as well. Several years ago, we did a low sugar/low carb eating plan… I found out that I had more energy and didn’t crave sugar. A trip to San Francisco ruined it because I couldn’t resist the sourdough breads and chocolates. I haven’t gathered enough will power to say no to the stuff again, even though I know I’d feel better for it.

    • Thank you Janna I also like sourdough bread.They say dark chocolate is good for you but it should be portion control,did you ever hear anyone
      obeying the portion control rule?

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