DP Daily Prompt: Linger

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I always want the summer holidays to linger, the days are longer, we can walk everywhere visit friends and also take trips to the mainland. It is an opportunity to buy clothes that are different from anyone else in the city. Things are cheaper.

We have fun cooking outdoors,invite our neighbors for a meal,we are not forced to go to bed early because the next day is work day.

Summer holidays are the best,the weather is suitable for all the fun activities, the fear of bad weather like a snowstorm,rain or freezing rain does not ruin our day.

We can also plant vegetables and annual flowers which look gorgeous. 

This is the reason why I want summer to last forever.


36 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: Linger

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  14. Schools that follow the British system have their ‘summer’ holidays during our winter. It gets frustrating after a while, the holidays feel too long unless you travel which is expensive.

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