DP Daily Prompt: That’s Amore

Relationships long or short they all take the same route i.e., giddiness,infatuation, mad passion,deep respect,esteem, friendship.

Some love stories do not follow quite in the same order, some die immediately after infatuation, some may go up to mad passion, then if one is lucky it might hit the deep respect stage.

Esteem and friendship I know not how they fit into this picture. I know what fits, hatred and disgusting.

Friendship I’ve heard when the couple is no longer married, they become friends, of course for the sake of the children. Who am I to criticize this phase it depends entirely on the couple.

Mine didn’t go through infatuation, giddiness, or mad passion, because it was arranged. We had respect for each other and we did fine, there was no unnecessary quarreling like little kids. We understood each other and did not complain about anything. My husband did his job and I did mine. We discussed when we wanted to buy a house, whether it was suitable for us, if we liked it we bought it. Our first house was a bungalow it was well-built and we loved it. When it was time to sell it we did,because we were leaving the town.

The house that I’m in now is our second house we bought. It’s comfortable, we have good friendly neighbors,everything we need  is close by, we are doing fine.


31 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: That’s Amore

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  2. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this post. Giddiness, infatuation, mad passion, deep respect, esteem, and friendship are all manifestations of love. We are glued together by these.

    All good wishes,


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  14. Amazing story. I have known the tradition ..but never actually knew anyone in an arranged marriage. Very blessed. Very admirable..

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  16. When married couple has understanding, compatibility, commitment and good communication their marriage is stable even after small fighting and arguments.

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