DP Daily Prompt: The Happy Wanderer

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I cannot be a happy wanderer even if I want to. There are certain limitations for a traveler like me. If I want to go somewhere I have to book in advance or I won’t get a seat. These days there are all sorts of people traveling everywhere. I tried to book my seat a day before my journey,the reply always was there are no seats available or you have to pay a hefty sum to pay for the last minute booking. I am never prepared to pay more than usual to book a seat. I therefore book in advance.

I have to follow a schedule if I want to buy a ticket to any destination. Summertime is the busiest time of the year to travel. Once I was told I’d have to book a year in advance if I wanted to travel to my destination.

Despite the fact I want to be a happy wanderer, circumstances are never in my favor. I have to map out in advance,where I want to go and for how long?


28 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: The Happy Wanderer

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  6. I feel that travelling on a whim is much easier with modes of transportation like driving or taking a train, instead of flying. I would love to do that sometime.

    • Traveling by car is possible,because you can leave any time.Trains and planes have schedules and also you have to book in advance,to avoid facing
      no seats available.If you want to travel on a whim,car is the best.

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  10. I ‘m not the wandering type myself (between the kids and pets, there can be no unplanned voyages.) I’ll leave the traveling for those who have the spirit for it 🙂

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