DP Daily Prompt: Mr. Sandman:

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What kind of sleeper are you?Do you drop off like a stone and awaken refreshed or do you need pitch black and silence to drift off to dream.

I am not sure what kind of a sleeper I am. It’s different, so I am unable to write what kind I am. Some nights I can lie down,say my prayer, and if I can keep my mind off any kind of thoughts good or bad I then fall asleep. I am a very light sleeper I always have been,it hasn’t changed.

I have to have some kind of light in my room all night, to be able to sleep. If the light goes off due to weather or rolling black outs I instantly wake up and find it hard to breathe. I know you’d think that’s weird but having a dim light in my room is a necessity for me.

Then the prayer time changes every morning, it is 5:28 a.m today, so when I woke up my system was declining to leave the bed, I forced myself to get up after twenty minutes. It was still okay because the sunrise was two minutes before seven.I finished after twenty six minutes I mean praying. I didn’t feel I had enough sleep,but chose to turn on the computer and see if there was any mail for me, there were a few,I took care of those, I knew I wasn’t in a mood to have breakfast that early so I went back to bed.

When I woke up at 8:50 a.m I felt refreshed and happy I made the decision to go back to sleep. I am glad today’s prompt is all about sleep. I don’t dream much only occasionally.

Yesterday at 5:00 a.m I woke up thinking about the zucchinis I bought a week ago. I was sure they would rot after staying cramped in the fridge for a week. To my absolute delight they were as fresh as they could be, first thing I did I sliced them, washed them ,and spiced them. Imagine dreaming about zucchinis, they were in my sub-conscious mind I suppose, had they not come to half awake and half dreaming mode they’d still be cramped up and eventually rot.


40 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: Mr. Sandman:

  1. Interesting. Have you ever tried to overcome your fear of the dark ? Just remember that you are in the intimacy of you own house. Noting can happen to you there.

  2. Dear Ranu,

    This is an interesting post about sleeping and waking up. Thank you for it.

    Unlike you, the darker the room, the better, for me.

    All good wishes,


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  5. I love your writing! You make me feel like I’m in the room with you having a conversation. I have always heard that dreams have subconscious messages to them, usually they are disguised for some reason but it is fortunate that your zucchinis were actually zucchinis in your dream! 😀

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  13. Good for the zucchini’s ! I think its safe to say that your dream saved them from dying ! 😛
    Ooh the prayer times, Its good that you are able to wake up for it, how do you do it? I try but rarely succeed !

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