DP Daily Prompt: Moments to Remember

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What are three most memorable moments….good or bad,happy or sad…in your life?Go

I had more than three memorable moments, the three that I consider happy are: 1. the birth of my first daughter, I remember running to see her in her cot,every time she cried. My husband took pictures of her whenever he saw her in a different pose. She didn’t know what we were doing,but looking at the pictures gave me so much joy.  I bought any cute dress I saw, she wasn’t too thrilled to be changed each time we bought a  new dress. I liked to dress her up for my pleasure.

The second moment of happiness was when I was awarded the scholarship to go to London, it was one dream I wanted to come true and it did.

Third one was  one that I never thought of for a long time, but I only knew two lines of Iqbal’s poetry and wanted to learn about him more,the opportunity came unexpectedly  I was very thankful and will continue to do so.

Sad was watching my father dying and I didn’t know it was permanent.

Second, when our cat JD died.

Third when we had to sell our beautiful house, because we were leaving that town.

There are many others happy and sad moments,these were the ones I wanted to share.



30 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: Moments to Remember

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  3. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for sharing these happy and sad moments. Like you, I remember the birth of my daughter. So sweet, and still the jewel of my eye.

    All good wishes,


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  14. I don’t know if I could’ve narrowed down to three memorable moments – life is made up of so many! I remember your post about the London scholarship, so it makes sense that this one ranks in the top three. And kids – so many moments there 🙂

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