DP Daily Prompt: Qeu Sera Sera

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Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can control your own destiny.

I am not sure what I believe in, in fate or I can control my own destiny. The song “Que Sera Sera “, is a favorite song of mine. I heard it a long time ago.I didn’t really think about the lyrics,then or even now.

Today’s prompt makes me think  do I believe in fate or do I believe in controlling my own destiny. I believe in both.

My fate exposed me to various things I could do with my life, study or stop studying. I controlled my destiny by choosing the former. I kept going until I felt my brothers have contributed towards my studies long enough,I should see if I can get some help in way of  a scholarship to study further. Fate helped me to get what I wanted and I controlled my destiny by making sure I was successful each time.

I felt I had studied enough it was time for me to look for a job. I got the first one I applied for,eleven months later I made up my mind to leave the job and look for another.My second job proved too taxing for my health and well-being , I quit that one for good. 

I always knew I was qualified enough to get a teaching job in the city,I was not disappointed.

Marriage changed the picture, I relied on fate solely,wherever my husband found work I’d have to go there,which is what I did. There was no room for controlling my destiny. So like Doris Day I thought “whatever will be, will be.”

Yes I have children,they don’t ask me, “will I be handsome will I be rich?” If they did I’d  only say whatever will be,will be.”You will be what you want to be.

Once again I have decided to control my destiny by registering for on-line courses, it was something I had very little knowledge of, here I am once again controlling my destiny by continuing with the courses.



46 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: Qeu Sera Sera

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  3. I like your elaboration on some various cases where you control your own destiny.

    Interestingly, I wonder if some types people are more likely to accept fate versus free will? Mentioning saying “what will be will be” to your kids conjures this thought in my mind…

  4. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this post. I like how you address whether there is fate, or our ability to steer fate, or both. I see Iqbal sitting here reading your post, and I’m trying to sense what he says about it all.

    Thank you again.

    All good wishes,


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  6. Beautiful post dear Chaman. Thank your for sharing this post with us. I love this song and always sing it for all my nieces and nephews haha. I also believe we have the power to change our path ahead..

    Much love and light

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  14. It’s really good if we chose our own destiny, our lives. Continue to fulfil your dreams. I believe your destiny is to achieve those beautiful dreams and be successful. 🙂

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