DP Daily Prompt: Born to Be With You

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Got a soul-mate and/or a best friend? What is it about that person that you love best? describe them in great detail.. leave no important quality out.

If I think about reality, we can have a soul-mate but for how long I rather not guess. Let’s say she had one but not any more. She has a friend but the friend lives too far away, so communication is not possible. You might think,no communication in the twenty-first century,it cannot be true? I’d say yes it is absolutely true. Her friend doesn’t write, she does not have time. she hasn’t learnt how to send  email.

She  found very good friends by blogging and doing online courses,they are kind,they read her posts and  she  does the same. They all are educated, sincere and know a lot more than she does,  She is  always learning from them.

Every one in this world has good and bad qualities, whether it is a soul-mate, a friend or a blogger ,we must appreciate their good qualities and ignore what is bad,as long as it will not hurt us.

To pinpoint the qualities that are positive is not fair,this is what I think, so a quality important or not will have to  be overlooked. We make friends or have a soul-mate because there is something  attractive about them,it’s better to leave it at that!



Writing Prompt:Trading Spaces

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a member of the opposite sex for a day? What do you think life would be like?

I didn’t think of it before,but when I saw the prompt, “Trading Spaces”. I thought well let me find out what I could possibly learn from it. I know there is not much to know. I had a lot of brothers, I saw what they thought of themselves, and on many occasions I disagreed about their choices.

Let’s take brother number 1: All of us were his dear siblings until he tied the knot,boy it was some knot, overnight we became creatures from hell, we did nothing but the better half wanted him to treat us like we were useless.

Brother number 2: His feelings for us didn’t change, he was kind and compassionate, helped my Mom by helping her financially.

Brother number 3:  He wanted to be an actor without any gift. You know what happened to that aspiration.

Number 4: was normal and did things that were right.

My fifth brother was too busy studying, he did his own thing, he was younger so he didn’t worry about responsibilities towards the family.

Number 6 was not much different from the fifth.

My seventh one was a gift to us directly from heaven, he studied,he was co-operative, he tried to please everyone. He didn’t mind going to the library every day to borrow reading materials for me. Once I had a severe headache, I was lying down, he sat beside me and asked,”Ranu ,what’s wrong ?”

I told him I had a headache , he pressed my head till I fell asleep, others of course passed by didn’t care enough to ask why was I lying down.

Eighth was the proverbial ‘black sheep’, he didn’t study, played all day,was demanding,why wouldn’t he be my mom was always letting him do whatever he pleased.

I have seen eight specimens at close range, do I still need to trade spaces to find out by being one for a day? I think my answer is, “No thank you”!

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