DP Daily Prompt: When Will I Be Loved

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Have you dreamt of becoming famous? What would your claim to fame be? Comedy?Acting? Writing? Race Car Driving? Go!

Life for me is a comedy,I do not need a stage to perform I am doing it right where I live. I will not try to take away a few morsels from those who are already in the business.

I feel the same about acting, I cry,laugh, sing,dance I do everything what the seasoned actors do. The only difference is they get paid,they have to entertain or get booed. Keeping all this in perspective this doesn’t suit me either.

I’m trying writing not to be famous but to keep my brain sharp or it will be rusty.

Race Car Driving is not my thing, I dislike driving. I did it for a few years and now I think the joy is not there.

As long as my family and friends love me I will be contented!

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Writing Prompt: Decisions,decisions

How are you likely to make an important decision__ by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?


If I have to make an important decision I do not rely on my gut feeling,to me if it is important I must use reasoning and not gut.

I have made quite a few decisions in my life, they were always based on careful reasoning, I didn’t want to do something which will haunt my entire life.

When I was a student my aim was to pursue my studies as long as I can depend on my brothers to help me financially. I was  fortunate they did not disappoint me. 

Then came a time when I wanted to study further and felt it was not fair on my part to expect help from my brothers any more. I did what in my mind was the right thing,I applied for a scholarship. I thought it out and knew it was time  for me to see if I can be independent.  Luckily I got what I wanted and within a year I was qualified to teach. I chose my path of teaching and never regretted it.

True there were obstacles I independently decided what I must do. I had siblings whom I could ask, I wasn’t sure I could use their advice. 

After completing my education I took the teaching job, I quit when I felt the particular institution failed to satisfy me!


Letter “L”


L is for love spread it 

 All over the world

It doesn’t cost a whole lot

But is sure to bring peace!



Loss of lives will not happen

If you lay down your weapon

Long you will live I’m sure

If you give in to reason!


Leave this world safe

For the next generation

They will forever thank you

For your great contribution!


Long live our planet 

Long live our people

Let’s make our planet safe

Should be the only consideration!