DP Daily Prompt: Take a Chance on Me

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What’s the biggest chance you ever took? Did it work out? Do tell!


After completing two years in the local college, I decided to go to the big city and complete my degree there. I was a very shy teenager, I couldn’t handle well in a coed. atmosphere. I told my mom and big sis.I wanted to try in an all women’s college. I knew I’d be away from home and wouldn’t see my siblings and my mom for weeks and months, I still took the chance. 

I stayed in the residence with thirty-two other girls from various communities, I found it difficult every minute of every day I missed home. Week-ends were better, my uncle lived in the city,he’d come and pick me up on a Friday and dropped me off on Monday.

My teachers who were nuns did not like the arrangement at all, they reminded me I was there to study and if I leave every week-end they felt I wouldn’t be studying. After this particular conversation I stopped going to my uncle’s house, I wasn’t happy. Sr. Joseph Mary noticed it and agreed to let me go to my uncle’s on week-ends provided I took my books and studied there.

After two years I graduated and got my undergraduate degree. I’d say it worked out for me.





Writing Prompt: Unknown Caller

You receive a call from an unexpected person.Who is it,and what is the conversation about? Go!


It is not strange to get calls from people who we never heard of,even if your number is not in the phone book. I think they just dial any number without knowing who is on the other end if it happens to be a female voice they think they’ve hit the jackpot. Then they start talking about unbelievable deals which happens only once in a lifetime.

I have picked up the phone a few times, when I answer,there is a pause, then I hear the sound of a horn, which means they are about to tell me I’ve won some kind of a trip.What they do is they try to find out as much as they can about you.So when I say,”I am not interested,” they hang up and look for some other prey. My conversation is short.

I do not let them say too much, I’ve not cared to find out why they called.




blogger challenge Letter Q


Quietly I stood in the queue

I asked not a question

And enjoyed the view

Quack came a quack and looked

At me, “who gave you permission

To stand in front of me?”


I quipped but sir

I am not here to quarrel

So leave me alone

His queue swelled up

Folks I kid you not

I decided to quit 

While I was ahead!


Strangers can be queer 

I want you to know

Quaver is what they do

When things don’t go their way

Their thinking is quite different

I’d like you to know


: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/04/18/blogger-challenge-letter-q



Life is Moments created by Shaun Gibson

“Life is Moments”

Shauney Award

“Life is Moments”

April 15

I am pleased to nominate the “Life is Moments” award to my dear bloggers.This is an award created by Shaun Gibson.

Alienora has kindly nominated me and I’m nominating the following bloggers:


2. http:// solinvictus.wordpress.com

3.http:// anglo-swisschronicles.wordpress.com








I am requesting each one of the recipients to please nominate ten bloggers for the “Life is Moments” award,there is no questions and answers for this one. Thanks to all of you.

Best wishes to all of you.