Writing Prompt: The Bizzaro World

In the DC comics Universe, a planet called “HTRAE(Earth Spelled backwards) is populated with bizarre versions of super heroes. A Seinfeld episode made the idea of this Bizarro World popular, where the characters encountered their opposite selves. Craft a scene in which you meet an opposite version of yourself –or a story in a bizarre , backwards world.


“A Bizarre Backwards World”

My friend invited me to visit an island, which according to her was,  “A Bizarre Backwords World”. I readily accepted her invitation, I thought I was already living in one,  how much more bizarre can this island be.

“You don’t understand here everything is backwards, it is a backwards world.” Her explanation baffled me, so I thought let’s see what I can find out.

My first encounter was with a man driving his car he was driving it backwards. I was horrified and was wondering how many pedestrians he might have killed while driving. Strangely enough Monica told me none. “How could this be possible” I asked, 

“They walk backwards”. she said.

This knowledge made me dizzy. I wanted to go on a boat to see the island.I knew they couldn’t row the boat backwards. Our eyes are in the front,I thought how will I see what’s there if we go backwards.There was a trick my friend explained. Stupid me I was at a loss for words. I gave up the idea of a boat ride and made up my mind to leave as soon as possible.

Monica insisted I should accompany her to a restaurant, she was hungry and she felt I should be too. We went to one nearby,I couldn’t decipher the name. “Read Backwards Monica quipped”.

“Why did you bring me here I said?”

“Watch when I read it she said” ESUOH KAETS SSIWS  this is how you read it, “House Steak Swiss” Read it backward,it’s ,Swiss Steak House.

No Monica I said,Let’s go back and leave this backwards world behind!







DP Daily Prompt: Dust In The Wind

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

Have you made a bucket list?Now’s the time—Write about the things you want to do and see before you become dust in the wind.

Bucket list I’ve never made any

But if you want

I can make it quite zany!


I’d like to go to Timbucto 

Be back from there

In a day or two!


On my bucket list 

I won’t  forget to write

All the friends I’d invite!


My thoughts and actions 

Are not the same

To tame a tiger is my aim!


If my list befuddles you 

It does me too 

There is very little I can do!


I can do much better

You may think

Honestly I ran out of ink!


I had to hurry

And to scurry

Before I became 

A mere dust in the wind!










Blogger challenge,letter S

Selfish and Selfless 

Are two different acts

I’d rather not choose the former

If I can’t be the latter!


So I tried to sort out 

Among the people to

Tell me sincerely 

Which one they’d select!


I was surprised to know

Nearly all of them voted 

For selfish and ignored selfless

Because they said,

“We’d like to look after ourselves first!”