Tagore song: tumi shondhar o megh o mala,singer Srikanto,Translated by Ranu

You are evenings ray of clouds

You I worship

My boundless sky

I gathered the sweetness from my heart

And created you

You are mine,you are mine

My boundless sky

You are evenings ray of clouds

You I worship

I have painted your feet

Crimson red with my blood

Oh evenings dreamy sky

I have drawn your lips

with the mixture of sweetness and

bitterness of my life

you are mine

My solitary soul

You are evenings ray of clouds

My incomprehensible dream

I have dressed your charming eyes

I have wrapped my music

in every part of your body

You are mine, you are mine

Oh my boundless sky

You I worship!!



DP Daily Prompt: Powerful Suggestion

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What’s the one piece of advice you wish someone had given you a year( or five or, ten) ago?

One,five or ten years ago I thought whatever I was doing was fine,I didn’t really think I needed advice from anyone.There are lots of people wanting to give advice,I am not sure it’s safe to take advice from anyone who comes forward. I believe in the saying: “Once burnt twice shy.”

I saw too many people with bag full of advice,none of them were genuine. I’m willing to do things my way or else I’ll always think I shouldn’t have listened to so-and- so.

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Writing Prompt : Unconventional love

Over the week end, we explored different ways to love.Today tell us about the most unconventional love in your life.

Two weeks ago we bought a Siamese Himalayan breed kitten. My daughter and I were very happy, the little kitten was very nervous, on the first day,it didn’t eat or drink,next day it hid under the quilt, it didn’t come out. Almost a week went by we couldn’t make it comfortable. 

My daughter and I decided to get its brother from the woman, as soon as it saw its brother, it’s whole temperament changed,it was no longer the shy scared kitten.

I love them,we named the first one Gabriel and his brother Raphael. Gabriel and Raphael are the most important members of our family.

Three weeks ago I didn’t think we’d ever get kittens. Today we have them and are very pleased.

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