DP Daily Prompt: Great Expectations

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Tell us about one thing (or more) that you promised yourself you’d accomplish by the end of the year. How would you feel once you do? What if you don’t?

My goal each year is to read a number of books , with that promise I buy a certain number of books, so far I have not read all the books I bought, but I still  am aiming to read the ones I have.

I read two out of six, four more have to be finished before I take a trip to the bookstore to buy more books.

I have read two if I can read two more I’d be happy and would aim to finish the rest without getting stressed out, if I’m unable, I’ll continue reading them!!



365 days Writing Prompt: Bittersweet Memories

You receive a gift that is bittersweet and makes you nostalgic.What is it?

When I was in the primary grades, I saw a necklace worn by one of my classmates, it had three or four strands,it was absolutely beautiful to me, I was probably five or six years old, I felt there was nothing more beautiful than that one. I must have talked about it I never asked my parents to get one like it.

I remembered it forever, I did not forget it, when My husband’s sister-in-law came for a visit, I mentioned the necklace to her, she listened with interest, when I was done describing it,she just said, “wait I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

She came back and handed me a three strand necklace, this is for you Ranu. I sat there so surprised I couldn’t express myself instantly but I was thankful to her for her kindness. It took me back to the time when I hoped I could have one like that. It seems when you want something bad enough, God finds a way for you to have it, even if it’s many years later!


: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/05/20/365-days-writi…sweet-memories/