DP Daily Prompt: Pick Your Gadget

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Your local electronics store has just started selling time machines,anywhere doors, and invisibility helmets. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy, and why?


Of the items on sale, I can use the doors, the time machines and invisibility helmets are of no use to me. The doors I can use, the doors I have are old and need replacement, I’d like to have new doors, they’d change the look of the house from ugly to tolerable, If I want to sell it there’ll be plenty of buyers,but old doors will bring down the price of the house, because they’re not attractive.

I have no use for time machines, it might be of use to a film producer, the invisibility helmet is another thing which is good for other people, for me it serves no purpose.


: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/05/21/dp-daily-promp…ck-your-gadget/




11 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: Pick Your Gadget

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this unusual post. I don’t think I would purchase any of them.

    All good wishes,


    • Hey I had no use for any of it, but thought I’d pick one the door seemed to be the most logical selection in my mind,
      so I wrote a few lines to show I was participating, this kind of prompt squeezes out every bit of imagination one has.
      Well thanks for your visit.

      • I’ve decided to take myself out of competitive writing, it really isn’t that anyway, if you have friends you ask them to vote
        for you but they have to read thirty to forty entries that is unfair and makes no sense. I have two who read whatever I write
        but they sure wouldn’t be interested to read other entries. The word competition itself is self explanatory,there should be a team of judges
        not friends, then it becomes a popularity contest.This is my feeling about the whole thing. You like to write it’s a great idea, it gives you practice.

      • I never ask anyone ever-to vote for me or read my writing but when I participate in a challenge I try my best to read every entry and comment-that is my nature-even if there is no voting involved,like in Carpe Diem or Friday Fictoneers or Write on the edge 🙂

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