365 days Writing Prompt: Say your Name

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

My first name is CHAMAN,  I am not named after someone but am named after something, the thing is a Garden.I presume my father was delighted to have a second daughter after double the number of sons, he I think consulted his dear friend, who was an artist and loved reading about names,my father went to him at the most opportune time, he was reading about names for girls and how they affect their personality. 

“Eureka I have found a name for your daughter, he said, name her Chaman, it sounds beautiful and it means a garden, how can you go wrong with this name.”

My father rushed home, told my mother he’s found the best name, “it is Chaman, don’t you hear the rhythm of this name, it’s settled we’ll name her Chaman?” Then this excitement brought on other stories of the name, Urdu poets have written volumes of poetry centred around this exquisite name.

Chaman grew up to be a very inquisitive little girl, you could not tell her anything without answering her ‘Why’ questions that followed, her eldest brother tried to stop her by saying, “You know curiosity killed a cat, ‘how’ was her query. Elder brother gave up and felt with time this habit will no longer persist.

I love my name I’ll never think of changing it even if I had a choice. Would you change yours if there were so many magical stories attached to it?


14 thoughts on “365 days Writing Prompt: Say your Name

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  2. I so love your name! It is so beautiful! My mother wanted to call me Susan, but while she was pregnant with me my parents visited some friends who had a dog named Susan and from that moment on, mom didn’t want to name me after a dog so she chose her second favorite name–Renata.

    I used to hate my name so much because no one could pronounce it. As a matter of fact since I didn’t speak English very well when I started school, my teacher could only pronounce Renee and that is what I went by until my first Confirmation and we had to use our full given names. My teacher at that time told me she thought Renata was such a beautiful name I should never go back to Renee, and so I never did! Now I would not change my name for anything!

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