Tagore song: aguner poroshmoni chhonwao praney posted and translated by Ranu

Oh god of fire,

For the sake of  gain

Lead us to the right path

I submit my humble request

To  your fire to  burn our wretchedness

Like the touchstone

may your fire touch us

And make us holy

So that we can achieve

Greatness in this life!

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11 thoughts on “Tagore song: aguner poroshmoni chhonwao praney posted and translated by Ranu

  1. Beautiful translation. Among some other things, it also reminded me of Zoroaster’s speech in Javid Nama 🙂 .

    Thanks for posting the audio/video along with it because I got to listen to the original Bengali version too, which I wanted to although I do not understand the language. Still, I wanted to know the feel which it conveys :). Very much like a hymn, with a humanistic flavor. This is what I felt.

    • It is a really beautiful song, I had other songs that I have translated, this one was to me the best, because it conveyed certain thoughts which reminded me of some of the recent comments that bothered me. Make your fire burn our wretchedness and make us holy were some of the lyrics that inspired me to post it.Thank you for your kind comment.

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