DP Daily Prompt: Living Art

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One day your favorite piece of art— a famous painting or sculpture, the graffiti next door– comes to life, What happens next?

I was sitting at my desk, suddenly I heard a weird sound, there before me was Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. She came forward and declared, she was tired of living in the photo frame for so many years, her mind was made up she was ready to explore the world of today. 

My heart was palpitating like crazy, I looked at her and then at my clock in my room, it was 12:00 noon. I covered my face with my hands and prayed to God to remove this apparition,I felt a hand touching me followed by a voice, “Hello I am Mona Lisa, I am visiting you because I know you’re the only person who can help me.”

Help you with what? I said trembling.

I want to take a tour of your island and want you to be my guide.

But I haven’t seen all of the island, how can I be your guide? I said.

She was furious, you are living on this island for so long and you haven’t visited all the places, I am disappointed with you,this is why the saying goes, People of Makkah don’t get to perform pilgrimage.

Inwardly I thought for a pretty face she seems to know a lot about worldly affairs.

Her voice got louder next time she spoke, Did you hear what I said? she was angry.

Yes Miss I said.

She stamped her foot this time, I am not Miss, I am Mona do you hear me?

Loud and clear I said.

I must get hold of Leonardo, he sent me here to get help from you, I’ll tell him he picked a stupid person to be my guide to see the island, she knows nothing.

You are right Mona I am stupid, I turned around to see what she’d say, there was no one there. I wondered, was all this my imagination or it really happened.

I heard a roaring laughter behind my back there was my daughter saying ,”Mom you crack me up who were you talking to?”

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365 days Writing Prompt: The normal

Is being “normal”—whatever that means to you —- a good thing or a bad thing? Neither

To me normal means one is physically and mentally sound. I think if a person is normal it is an excellent thing. Think about the two brothers who bombed in the Boston Marathon, killing innocent people , they were not in the right frame of mind, had they been normal they would not have committed such a horrible crime. 

When I think about normal the battle of Hydaspes River fought between Alexander and king Porus comes to mind. This battle was won by Alexander and King Porus was taken prisoner. Alexander asked Porus how he wished to be treated . “Treat me O Alexander , like a King” Porus responded. Alexander despite his victory asked the king how he should be treated, it shows Alexander was in his normal frame of mind or else he would have ordered him killed. Porus showed he was normal when he gave the appropriate reply.

I like it when everything is normal,the weather,peoples behavior, when I say normal weather,I mean we don’t have snow in July, snow in December is completely normal. 

I visited a store once to look at some of the jewelry on display, I looked at some of them, when I wanted to know what else he had, he turned his back and walked away, this attitude clearly showed his behavior towards the customer was not normal, Would I go back to the store again, absolutely not. This is one of the examples of an abnormal behavior.

Being normal I think is a good thing !

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