365 days Writing Prompt: Singin’ in the rain

Safe inside toasty warm ,while water pitter–patters on the roof—-describe your perfect, rainy afternoon.

Rainy afternoon is a day when we sit in our house and sing all our favorite songs  one of the songs is:

Rain is falling drip drop the sky is overcast, we’d sing Tagore’s song, sit in our cozy room and tell each other stories, sometimes scary, other times funny.

It’s a  perfect time for mom to prepare our most favorite dish called Khichree. It’s a mixture of rice and lentils served with fried spicy beef. It’s so delicious, it makes us wish to have rainy days more often.




4 thoughts on “365 days Writing Prompt: Singin’ in the rain

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this post. What you share conveys to me a feeling of love between family and friends. I like this post.

    All good wishes,


    • To us rain meant my mom would cook our favorite dish and it was so good I can still taste it.
      Yes Robert when we were young we were a loving family.

  2. Awhh rainy days are my absolute favourite! The perfect moment to make some yummy Adrak chai and yummy meals. It reminds of monsoon time in India.. I miss those days. Thank you for sharing these beautiful and magical moments from your story ❤

    Much love and light,

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