Tagore Song by Hemanta translated and posted by Ranu

Oscillate my heart with your own hands

Who is telling me what

Forget it my heart

They all are too talkative

They bind me with their words daily

At the call of the flute

Free me from  all the binding

I recall all those days and nights

When I was your playmate

Today just like those days

Hold on to me

My heart !



five sentence fiction: fenced

Lillie McFerrin Writes
Our first arrival in our new home in Comilla, Bangladesh was very traumatic, every day there were a group of people came early hours in the morning to pluck our beautiful  china -rose flowers.
One of my brothers who thought he was strong decided to have a fight over this issue.
Well the time they decided was 11pm.
At the appointed time they gathered, my brother promptly went out , he was surprised there were thirty against him,he quietly came into the house.
My mother thought there was only one  solution, the house will have to be fenced to keep those people out.
k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/06/19/five-sentence-fiction-fenced/

DP Daily Prompt: An Ounce of Home

You’re embarking on a round-the-world-adventure, and can take only one small object with you to remind you of home.What do you bring along for the trip?

If I’m only allowed one small object on my year long round-the world-adventure. If I’m away from home for 365 days, it is impossible to take one small object with me, let me think some more about this.

I will have to take my family photograph. I have a lot of memories of the day this picture was taken. The photographer gave us our appointment for 11:30 am. Neither my husband nor I thought anything about the time we were given the kids were very young, the youngest one was less than two.

By the time the photographer got the place ready it was past lunch time, the youngest one came to me without saying anything she opened my bag and started looking, this was one of those days when mom didn’t have a candy in her bag. The poor child was so hungry she started crying, my husband blamed me for not carrying some food in my bag. The damage was done no matter how much I was blamed the little one’s hunger would not go away.

The clueless photographer as they all do thought she did not like her picture taken, the crying was getting louder and we were embarrassed, I told my husband to tell the photographer the reason she was crying, little thing like that made my husband stick to his pride, he was not going to say his child is hungry. I thought it was time for me to speak, I said,”She is hungry.”

The photographer apologized and found a lolly pop, gave it to the hungry child and calmness returned. this I think will be excellent, because I’d think of the day the young one cried.



365 days Writing Prompt: Tagline

Often our blogs have taglines.But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

Tagline is something I’ve never thought about,sure Nike, second cup, Macdonald they all have one to draw people to their business.

I never thought one day wordpress writing prompt will expect me to write,”What’s my tagline?”

I’d hem and haw and say yes come to think of it what can be my tagline, “I’d say, I am a teacher, I love my kids.”

Will it make sense, I’m told not to make it complicated, I’ve got my tagline say, “Ya’all do you like it?”