Five sentence fiction: Dazzles

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Shama and Yusuf were a happy couple, they had everything going for them, they had a beautiful house,adorable parents, good jobs, only thing missing in their life was a child, who could fill the quiet house with laughter.

Shama was aware her in-laws wanted a grand kid, they were impatient, they thought the only way to solve this problem, was their  son should marry again, Yusuf disliked the idea, he told his parents, he was not interested.

The young couple decided to consult a physician, the physician gave them hope, within a year Shama gave birth to a beautiful baby girl,they named her Asha, soon their little baby was ready for school, she did remarkably well in school in the first year, parents were happy, the teachers told them she had incredible memory.

The following years were awesome for the couple, Asha finished school successfully, she was ready for college, in college she wowed her profs, it was the first time they had someone so outstanding in their class, they were proud of her and wished her well.

After completing her education, she applied for a job, the interviewer  was a young man, who did not give much credit to women, Asha stepped in his office and sat down, the young man was sure she wouldn’t be able to withstand the barrage of questions he would ask, her knowledge not only changed his impression of women, he was dazzled by the way Asha answered the questions!



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