DP Daily Prompt: Wrong Turns

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When was the last time you got lost? Was it an enjoyable experience or a stressful one ? Tell us about it.

The last time we got lost was a while ago. We were returning to Gander from Waterville Maine, my husband was driving, there were two possible routes we were told by the man in a garage, one was shorter than the other. I told my husband to take the  I 95 route but he wanted to take the shorter route, unfortunately my husband had the habit of driving faster than the speed limit, on our way we saw oncoming cars flashing their light, I did not understand what it meant neither did my husband. He continued to drive above speed limit, suddenly we saw a traffic police, he raised his hand to stop.

My husband according to him was driving 75 mph, where the limit was 60 mph. He took the licence number and slapped us with a $100 .00 ticket. My husband learned the hard way that he should obey the traffic rules. It was a funny experience how my husband was trying to explain, he really wasn’t speeding, because of the downhill it seemed he was. This kind of lame excuse did not satisfy the guy, he wrote the ticket anyway.

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/dp-daily-prompt-wrong-turns/

8 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: Wrong Turns

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for sharing this account of getting lost and of your encounter with the police. We all speed sometimes. I know I do :-).

    All good wishes,


      • Dear Ranu,

        I think that is one mode of how people live in the world. There are other, “higher” modes, though, whereby people may do what is right, not out of fear of getting caught doing something wrong, but simply because they are manifesting in the world what is good in themselves.

        That’s how I conceive of Marghdeen being born and sustained, that is, by people living, and making real in the world the goodness in their soul. There is no fear there. There would then be, in Marghdeen, no need for jails and prisons, as there would be no one to put in them. It’s an aim.

        Thank you for your blog.

        All good wishes,


      • Dear Ranu,

        Yes, now is the time, and the only time, to aim for it.

        All good wishes,


  2. There’s the idea of “tough-on-crime” and basically throwing the book at offenders. I would much rather see the spirit of the law emphasized, as speeding by itself may not be a dangerous activity. (Granted, I have never been booked with any sort of traffic violation other than parking tickets for overstaying my welcome at meters…)

    • My husband simply loved speeding, in Newfoundland highway you hardly find a cop to catch the people once in a while
      maybe there are some but my husband was lucky.

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