DP Daily Prompt: Reviving Bricks

You just inherited a dilapidated,crumbling-down grand mansion in the countryside. Assuming money is no issue, what do you do with it?

I have inherited a dilapidated mansion in the countryside, what will I do with it? I must pay a visit to the countryside examine the grounds and the mansion itself. Since I’m not an architect, I will hire one to find out if the mansion can be saved or is it too damaged to renovate, depending on the reply from  the person I hire.

If I get a positive reply that the mansion can be saved but requires a lot of work. I will ask the architect to give me an estimate of the cost, I might get more than one opinion if they all say the same thing, I’d hire the one whose estimate is lower.

The work will start sooner than later, a dilapidated mansion needs to be looked after at the earliest possible time, to avoid further damage. If there is furniture inside decision has to be made whether we keep it or trash it. In any case if they’re worth keeping they have to be moved outdoors until the mansion gets a face lift.

Obviously equipment and men who are assigned for the job will draw out a plan, how to begin,which side needs to be addressed first.

Once everything is decided the work will start, it might take six months to a year, to complete the task at hand. After completion i.e. the walls are painted the doors and windows are taken care of. The furniture belonging to the mansion which are already fixed by a different set of people e.g carpenters and painters.

The mansion inside will be cleaned up and the furniture will be put in the respective rooms.

Next the walls will be decorated with pictures appropriate for a mansion, for this work I’ll have to hire the services of an interior decorator.

Last and not least, I’ll invite my friends to a grand party to celebrate the renovation of my “Grand Mansion”!



DP Daily Prompt: Roaring Laughter

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

What was the last thing that gave you a real,authentic,tearful, hearty belly laugh? Why was it so funny?

The story I intend to write is one I heard from a gentleman who is the main character in this. Let me describe his looks first which will make it clear, why I found it so funny.

He was tall and had a rosy complexion, if anyone saw him would at once mistake him for an Englishman.

This gentleman whose name I’ve forgotten was a Pakistani. He was travelling to London by British Airways. An hour later the flight attendant served food, the gentleman was hungry and the food looked attractive, he immediately got ready to eat, he was about to put a morsel of food in his mouth when he felt a pat on his back, he looked around and saw another Pakistani trying to tell him something, he stopped eating and asked what he wanted to say. The man behind him said, “The food you’re about to eat is pork.”

The man thanked him and put the food away, the flight attendant wanted to know if there was a problem, he nodded and said nothing.

The gentleman stood up to stretch himself, he had no idea he was obstructing the view of a fellow passenger a few rows behind him. he looked right at him but the guy was angry and said something to him ,the Pakistani gentleman did not understand a word he said, to make him aware he didn’t know English he pulled out his shirt, i.e. “I am not an Englishman”, his plan did not work because his fellow passenger thought the guy was challenging him to a duel. He also pulled out his shirt and was coming towards him to punch him out.

The other Pakistani who was fluent in English stood up and saved the situation,he explained his friend does not speak English, he felt if he pulled his shirt out the man in the back row would understand.

The gentleman acted out everything  that happened that day, I must admit he was doing a superb job. I could not stop laughing for a while, it was an authentic ,real laugh which ached my belly.


365 Writing Prompt: Barter system

If the world worked on a barter system, how would you fare? Would you have services to barter? Would you be successful, or would you struggle?

I think I’d be all right if the world worked on a barter system. The service I can provide is teaching, I’d teach anyone who wants to learn and in return for my services I’d want the parties interested to provide food.

It will be successful I’d spend my time teaching and the interested parties who want to learn will bring me food.

I see success and not failure, as long as the parties understand each other.