Biography of Pakistani actor: Waheed Murad written and posted by Ranu

Waheed Murad Was born on October 2nd , 1938. He died in November 1983. He was a Pakistani actor,producer and script writer.

He was the only child of Mr. And Mrs. Nisar Murad.

He studied in Marie Colaco Grammar school in Karachi. He received his Masters Degree in English literature from Karachi university.

He married Salma on September 17 1964. They had three children one died in infancy and the other two were daughter Aaliya and  son Aadil.

His father was a film distributor, at an early age he was exposed to film producers,actors and directors, which probably enabled him to choose his career when he grew up.

He produced a few films, one of them was Armaan. He had the main role in this movie. Armaan was a box office hit,it made him a super star overnight, so much so that he was compared with Bollywood greats e.g. Dilip Kumar, Ashok Kumar, Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand to name a few.

At heart he was a devoted citizen of his country, early on he felt the tension between East and West Pakistan. His movie Armaan, meaning hope was produced by him, his aim was to somehow stop the the split between East and West Pakistan, although  he was not successful, through this movie he managed to make a lasting impression on the minds of people both in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

He believed in the message of Iqbal which he used in some of his movies.

Mr. Shafique the facilitator of Iqbal studies online courses explained to his participants in the courses, the importance of Waheed Murad.

I personally admire the work of Mr.Shafique. Our latest title of our online course is, “Action”.

In my prompt yesterday, I chose my guests of whom I know more than others, one of them was Waheed Murad. One of my good friends Sonya wanted to know about him and the song in the movie, “Armaan”(Hope).

This song I thought was the highlight of the movie. This is  for you Sonya, if you hadn’t asked me I wouldn’t have written this so enjoy!

The song lyrics is in Urdu, posted and translated by Ranu

When I see two people in love

I wonder if they’d have the same fate as me

will their passionate love fail

I also had the occasion of someones head on my shoulder,

I remember the song she sang,

That song was my lifelong earning

Now in my confused state of love

I’m looking hard for that song

Those of you looking for shade you’ll beat your head

against the wall

Like me you’ll also  be called crazy in the city streets and lanes

I went out to look for happiness

I received only heartache and sighs!

The lyrics of this song is not the story of love as is normally defined, it is about two states that were united with love once but were split by misunderstanding  and push from outside source. The end result they now have a more firm bond of spiritual love which is what Iqbal had defined. It makes the two parts a whole,we learned this from Iqbal Studies how the parts become whole.

Thank you Mr. Shafique for your hard work. I finally understand you ,Iqbal and Waheed Murad how a part becomes a whole.

Thank you.

Ranu online course participant.…r-waheed-murad/



12 thoughts on “Biography of Pakistani actor: Waheed Murad written and posted by Ranu

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this interesting post about Waheed Murad, a figure so central to our study of Iqbal!

    All good wishes,


  2. Thank you so much for this splendid introduction of Waheed Murad, written with so much clarity. I am also in admiration of your English translation of the song. Since I know the Urdu version, I can truly marvel at how beautifully you have translated it doing justice to the original while also making it so touching in the translation.

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to write about Waheed Murad. I had never heard of him, but when you wrote what you did, I KNEW I had to know more. The song (with its translation) is very touching…beautiful. I loved how you explained the lyrics…”two states once united in love”. That has left me breathless. Much much appreciation and love…

    • Thank you Sonya for your lovely comment, when you asked about Waheed Murad and the song,
      I knew if I wrote it as a reply I couldn’t give it full justice so I decided to write a post and
      embedded the song and translated it.I enjoyed writing it and wanted you to know about him.

  4. I can also see the relevance of “two parts becoming a whole” in today’s world. Sometimes yes, it is necessary and even better to make parts of an entity so that it can then have a common outlook (if I have understood correctly) …how strangely beautiful that is!

    • I knew you’d enjoy and see the beauty in it.I’m so glad I was able to share something
      with you, this is the online course I always mention in my posts whenever I get a chance.

  5. I have seen this previously also in your writing that when you write about Waheed Murad, you write with lot of admiration, and we his great fans just simply love this. The lyrics you have translated very well, very close to the sentiments.

    • Thank you Akhtar Bhai for your beautiful comment. Anytime I get a chance to write about
      Waheed Murad, I do not miss the opportunity. This time Sonya wanted to know about him and the song,
      I was very glad to oblige her.Instead of replying to her comment, I decided to write a post, my intention was
      to write about him so that some people who are interested would enjoy reading the post and listen to the song.

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