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Bacon and chocolate Caramel and cheddar— Is there an unorthodox food pairing you really enjoy? Share with us the weirdest combo you’re willing to admit that you like— and how you discovered it.

I am not sure how weird is my choice of liking beef and salmon. I cook them separately but I take them on my plate at the same time. My favorite  carbohydrate is rice, both salmon and beef stew is delicious with rice. I eat a slice of salmon with rice then I switch and the next morsel is beef and rice. I’ve been told it’s weird to eat fish and beef alternately for a meal. However  my taste bud does not  disapprove.

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DP Daily Prompt: Missing Sequels

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If you could create a sequel to one favorite,(stand alone) movie,which would it be? How would it build on the original?

I would pick “The Sound Of Music”, it was a musical which is always my favorite. The seven children were wonderful and Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer were sensational. It ended when they successfully escaped from the enemies.

The sequel can be, how they coped in the new place, the children growing up in a friendly environment, their education.

A movie where the children would be the main characters. I think it would be very interesting.



365 Writing Prompts: Back to the future

Anachronism(noun): an error in chronology; a person or thing that’s chronologically out of place, or recount a time when you felt out of place.

There were many occasions when I felt out of place either I was among people who were younger than me or a room full of women much older than I was.

Once I was invited to tea in London,  England, by who I cannot recall,it was arranged by ‘British Council’ because I was a student, studying ‘English as a Foreign Language’, the council was trying to make me get used to my new environment.

I went to this delightful place and found out I was late ,everyone else was drinking their tea and goodies and were immersed in conversation, one gentle lady showed me where I could sit, if she hadn’t I know I would have hidden myself in the corner, biding my time as soon as the opportunity presented itself to get out and walk away. the kind lady did not let it happen. Once she took care of her duty I was left alone to take care of myself.

I looked around, all the ladies were deep in conversation, I felt uneasy there wasn’t one soul whom I could talk to, they looked like fashionable aristocrat ladies wearing their finest hats and gorgeous dresses, I clearly was a misfit, wearing a sari and didn’t have stylish hat on, and to make matters worse I was a student from Bangladesh and much younger than them. Someone gave a cursory look and most certainly informed the ladies, I was the one who arrived late,how unmannerly of me.

At that point I wasn’t in a mood to eat or drink anything, I was anxious to get out of this stuffy environment. At around 4:30 pm they vanished, I was alone I thought I must leave or else someone will tell me the party is over and I must get out of this place.

I  was completely out of place that day, my attire, my age, where I came from, was different, the ladies were not in a mood to strike up a conversation with me, I left keeping in mind I do not have to go to an unknown place full of unfriendly people, to oblige the council!

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