365 Writing Prompts: Standout

When was the last time you really stood out in a crowd? Are you comfortable in that position, or do you wish you could fade into the woodwork?

Sometimes in every one’s life there are times we stand out, whether it is excelling in school, teaching, getting married, taking part in extracurricular activities or even attending a wedding reception or a school play.

I have been to a few wedding receptions not too long ago. I attended some because I was invited by the bride’s or grooms mother.

There was one I attended which took me long hours to reach, it was the wedding of my daughter’s friend. The wedding was in Calgary, going from St. John’s to Calgary took many hours by air. I boarded the flight in the early hours of the morning, I reached Calgary at 10:00 p.m. local time.

I went the next morning to the house of the bride’s mother, all her relatives were attending the wedding, I was the only guest whom they didn’t know, I stood out in the crowd, this was the first time I did not feel awkward, I was comfortable. I did not feel the urge to hide.

There was one occasion where I wished I could fade into the woodwork. I was selected to play the part of a priest in Shakespeare’s play “Twelfth Night” I tried to convince Sr. Joseph Mary I did not want to be in the play, she insisted I have to, I had only a few words to say, I was uneasy and anxious to end my part, the audience thought I did well, I wished I’d disappear ASAP!

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/08/16/365-writing-prompts-standout/


8 thoughts on “365 Writing Prompts: Standout

  1. Dear Ranu,

    What an interesting post! Thank you for sharing this about your experiences of “standing out.”

    All good wishes,


  2. While reading about your experience in Calgary I was getting a nice feeling about how you described your being among new people and still feeling at home :-).

    If your teacher thought that you should play a role in Shakespeare’s play she must have seen some talent in you and I guess that it was corroborated by the audience feedback as you mention that you were told you did well. Twelfth Night is also one of my favorite plays. 🙂

  3. it’s interesting how some people love being in a crowd others try hard to feel comfortable. I used to hate speaking publicly (so much so that I would get sick). Uni taught me that there were times I needed to speak in public so I do it more out of necessity. What a kindness to go to a wedding where you didn’t know these people.

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